The Panera Bread Menu : Is it Healthy? Is it Good? 

The Panera Bread Menu : Is it Healthy? Is it Good?

Marketing Pro Tip: Make it Both!!  Review and you be the judge.

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Dietitian’s advice for Panera Bread – Panera Bread Nutrition

Better Breakfast

Miss the muffins, scones, and pastries and pick up a hearty plate of Steel Lower Oatmeal. No oatmeal admirer? Try the Strawberry Granola Parfait, Seasonal Berry Cup, or the three Breakfast Electric power Sandwiches.

Think Thin

Trim the calories from fat from your bagel and schemer with a slim Sprouted Grain Bagel Even topped with a reduced-fat cream mozzarella cheese spread.

Veg Out

With over twelve salads on the menu, you can get your vegetables at Panera. Most full-size salads time along with only around 500 calories from fat, so chew on! Whether it’s got to be considered a sandwich, try pairing just half of a sandwich with a salad as a YOU SELECT 2 combo.

After learning that Panera Bakery was one of the very most expensive and best restaurants for business travelers in 2015, I thought maybe it is time to lay out a few of the healthy options at Panera Loaf of bread, the oh-so-delicious cafe?.

This place has some mouth-watering food and perhaps you are planning that what I’m going to suggest you order will lose that quality altogether but don’t fret! These next few items can make your taste buds and your waist happy.

The Do’s


If you’re in a rush and need to choose something up that you may take on the run, definitely opt for the Super fruit Ability smoothie (210 energy). It gets the most affordable amount of sweets out of most of these smoothies, and it can take you over until meal.

The Super fruit Electric power Smoothie

The Avocado, Egg White & Spinach breakfast time sandwich (410 calorie consumption) is an improved option if you have a bit more time on the hands. If you’re sincere about keeping it lower on the calorie aspect, then contain the parmesan cheese. This sandwich occurs a sprouted grain bagel and will go quite nicely with a sizable coffee.

THE ENERGY Almond Quinoa Oatmeal is incredibly filling and can provide you that little kick that you’ll require each day to power during the day (300 calorie consumption).


One of the best items on the menu is the Greek Salad, packed with feta mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini’s, tomato vegetables, red onions, kalamata olives, and an excellent Greek dressing (370 calorie consumption for fifty percent). This salad strikes the spot and it is better still if you add grilled rooster!

Broth Bowls! Not used to Panera’s menu and I must admit they don’t really appear too appealing. I want to prove you incorrect with the Lentil Quinoa Dish with Rooster. It’s filled with ingredients that will provide you with the energy during the day (kale, quinoa, hen) and keep you sense full all night (390 calorie consumption).


YOU SELECT Two! Pair these next few things alongside one another for a filling up, delightful, and health mindful meal. Bear in mind; with a YOU SELECT Two you merely receive half of every item (a glass of soup rather than a bowl, half of a sandwich, etc.)

– Garden Veggie Soup (80 calories from fat)

– Fifty percent Roasted Turkey Avocado BLT (270 calorie consumption)

– Common Salad with Rooster (150 calories from fat)

– Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (280 energy)

– Dark colored Bean Soup (150 calorie consumption)

– Smoked Turkey Breasts Sandwich (220 energy)

– Caesar Salad (170 calories from fat)

– Mediterranean& Quinoa Salad with Almonds (230 calorie consumption)

My senior high school job was as a cashier at Panera and we were always advised to automatically give each YOU SELECT Two order a aspect of bread. All of this is indicated on the Panera bread menu.  Be sure you specify that you would like an apple or pickle spear if you want to watch the waist! By choosing an apple rather than bread or potato chips, you save about 100 calories from fat. By choosing a pickle, though saturated in sodium, you save almost 200 calorie consumption!


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