The Panera Bread Menu : Is it Healthy? Is it Good? 

The Panera Bread Menu : Is it Healthy? Is it Good?

Marketing Pro Tip: Make it Both!!  Review and you be the judge.

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Dietitian’s advice for Panera Bread – Panera Bread Nutrition

Better Breakfast

Miss the muffins, scones, and pastries and pick up a hearty plate of Steel Lower Oatmeal. No oatmeal admirer? Try the Strawberry Granola Parfait, Seasonal Berry Cup, or the three Breakfast Electric power Sandwiches.

Think Thin

Trim the calories from fat from your bagel and schemer with a slim Sprouted Grain Bagel Even topped with a reduced-fat cream mozzarella cheese spread.

Veg Out

With over twelve salads on the menu, you can get your vegetables at Panera. Most full-size salads time along with only around 500 calories from fat, so chew on! Whether it’s got to be considered a sandwich, try pairing just half of a sandwich with a salad as a YOU SELECT 2 combo.

After learning that Panera Bakery was one of the very most expensive and best restaurants for business travelers in 2015, I thought maybe it is time to lay out a few of the healthy options at Panera Loaf of bread, the oh-so-delicious cafe?.

This place has some mouth-watering food and perhaps you are planning that what I’m going to suggest you order will lose that quality altogether but don’t fret! These next few items can make your taste buds and your waist happy.

The Do’s


If you’re in a rush and need to choose something up that you may take on the run, definitely opt for the Super fruit Ability smoothie (210 energy). It gets the most affordable amount of sweets out of most of these smoothies, and it can take you over until meal.

The Super fruit Electric power Smoothie

The Avocado, Egg White & Spinach breakfast time sandwich (410 calorie consumption) is an improved option if you have a bit more time on the hands. If you’re sincere about keeping it lower on the calorie aspect, then contain the parmesan cheese. This sandwich occurs a sprouted grain bagel and will go quite nicely with a sizable coffee.

THE ENERGY Almond Quinoa Oatmeal is incredibly filling and can provide you that little kick that you’ll require each day to power during the day (300 calorie consumption).


One of the best items on the menu is the Greek Salad, packed with feta mozzarella cheese, pepperoncini’s, tomato vegetables, red onions, kalamata olives, and an excellent Greek dressing (370 calorie consumption for fifty percent). This salad strikes the spot and it is better still if you add grilled rooster!

Broth Bowls! Not used to Panera’s menu and I must admit they don’t really appear too appealing. I want to prove you incorrect with the Lentil Quinoa Dish with Rooster. It’s filled with ingredients that will provide you with the energy during the day (kale, quinoa, hen) and keep you sense full all night (390 calorie consumption).


YOU SELECT Two! Pair these next few things alongside one another for a filling up, delightful, and health mindful meal. Bear in mind; with a YOU SELECT Two you merely receive half of every item (a glass of soup rather than a bowl, half of a sandwich, etc.)

– Garden Veggie Soup (80 calories from fat)

– Fifty percent Roasted Turkey Avocado BLT (270 calorie consumption)

– Common Salad with Rooster (150 calories from fat)

– Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (280 energy)

– Dark colored Bean Soup (150 calorie consumption)

– Smoked Turkey Breasts Sandwich (220 energy)

– Caesar Salad (170 calories from fat)

– Mediterranean& Quinoa Salad with Almonds (230 calorie consumption)

My senior high school job was as a cashier at Panera and we were always advised to automatically give each YOU SELECT Two order a aspect of bread. All of this is indicated on the Panera bread menu.  Be sure you specify that you would like an apple or pickle spear if you want to watch the waist! By choosing an apple rather than bread or potato chips, you save about 100 calories from fat. By choosing a pickle, though saturated in sodium, you save almost 200 calorie consumption!


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Open a Dental Practice in Alaska

Want to Open a Dental Business in Anchorage, Alaska?

Anchorage is a great city in Alaska where you can open a dental practice if you have the means and experience. You can find success here if you know what you are doing. We will let you know what you have to do to open a dental practice in Anchorage.

The Cost

You will have to spend around $500,000 to start your dental practice. This will allow you to purchase equipment, structural design, and supplies. You need to have the power to pay the bank and a great balance sheet. You might get a 12-year loan. So you might end up paying around $5,000 per month if you take out this type of loan right away. The debt service might be around $14,000 if you take into consideration practice overhead. But this does not take into consideration the amount of money that you need to pay yourself over time.

You might just pay interest payments on your loan for the first year. The problem with this is that you will not be able to lower the principal over time, which might be truly a problem for you down the road. You need to take into consideration the amount of money that you will have to pay during the second year of debt service. Since this might be too much for you, you have to work out the numbers as soon as possible. If you open your office in a low-cost area, you will manage to save a lot of money down the road.

Big Office

Spending your money on buying a big office might be something out of the question for many of you. If you have a clear vision, opening your business in a big office might make sense. For instance, you might need to expand over time. If you have a big office, you just have to relocate things so you can get what you want. But if you have a small office, you will need to negotiate again with another party to get what you need. So think about it if you want to succeed in this over time.You have to design a clear strategy if you want to succeed in this. You have tons of competitors, and you have to differentiate yourself as soon as you can. Getting big savings is important, but you might have to spend good money in other areas of your business so you can get results. For instance, you might need to spend a lot of money on advertising to attract more clients. This requires a substantial investment that you need to be prepared to make right away. So take action and make your venture grow as soon as possible.


You have to develop a strong relationship with a bank so you can truly get the money you need to start a venture. Your bank should give you the flexibility you need to make the payments and things like that. But you need to be aware that banks are made up of people. So they tend to lie and make things hard for dentists in many occasions. You have to be prepared for this by reading each page of the loan contract so you can be on the safe side. Don’t forget to do this because banks tend to misbehave too many times.

Write down a business plan. This document will allow you to focus on the important aspects of your venture rather than on the unimportant ones. So your working capital might be something like $45,000 a year. Your supplies might cost around $150,000 a year. You need to remember that your success will not be an accident, and this is because you have to work hard to make things happen here. You need to read as much as you can about accounting, advertising, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources. These areas are vital to the success of your venture. Remember that you can earn around $700,000 a year.
Remember that Anchorage is a great city where you can find success as soon as possible. A dental office startup is not so hard to start if you know what you are doing. Remember that you have to develop a strong relationship with a bank so you can make money here as soon as possible. You need to find out what your startup costs are as soon as possible.

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Smart phone cables: There’s no looking back in this business

Smart phone cables: There’s no looking back in this business

If you are still in the old world thinking smart phone cables are dull and boring, you are probably missing on the big business avenue the market is offering today. When you buy a smart phone, you always get chargecords (often called a charger) by default, but ask yourself – is that the smartest or the most useful charger for your smart phone? Perhaps not! All it does is do the bare minimum.

chargecords colored

So what does this leave you with? There is a big opportunity to help customers move away from the simplest chargers to the smartest and the most useful chargers for their smart phones. For example, the online market today offers an iPhone 5 charger that lets you charge your phone and also sync multiple devices at the same time – something that you can never achieve with the default Apple chargers that accompany your iPhone. Of course, there are many cheap ones in the market too, but then it is easy to stay away from them after quickly checking if they are certified with mobile companies such as Apple and Samsung or not.

The age-old problem with smart phone chargers is that they all are different and cannot be used with other phones models (mostly even from the same company). Life will be so easy if there was just one lightning cable to meet all your charging requirements for different smart phones in your household. Another aspect of chargers is that they don’t always have to look black or white.

That’s where some innovators saw an opportunity and came up with fancy-looking and colourful charging cables to suit different personalities, tastes, etc. And colourful chargers are also time saving as you can locate them from a distance or from a pile of nested black/white charging cables. If you think black is still in, there are some cool ones in black with aluminium connectors that look great and have their own charm.

Another benefit with these is they come in different lengths as well – so you don’t have to lean over your couch or bed to access your phone while it is still charging. These are small conveniences when looked at separately, but put them all together and they open doors to easy and smart living that everyone is after in today’s busy life.

We are sure there are times during the day when you are tirelessly trying to plug the USB end of your charger into the plug and realise you are holding it the wrong way. Irritating, isn’t it? That problem is solved too by another technological advancement made to lightning/charging cables that are reversible so you can plug them from both sides. How handy can such chargers be! It is indeed time to change and move away from the boring chargers mobile companies offer you.

The smart ones available in the market are not just extremely useful; they look brilliant, are very handy and meet multiple purposes. That is what defines a smart lightning/charging cable for a smart phone. This is the right business to tap into before it is too late.

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Important Points to Increase Your Fitness Marketing 

Important Points to Increase Your Fitness Marketing

Every individual from all age groups requires being fit. Everybody needs to be fit.. especially when we are all

This is because enhancing the level of physical fitness is entirely linked with the excellent standard of the immune system, upper energy levels as well as more significantly you will accomplish a marvelous looking physique.

I will explain about the three keys for heightening your impact as a personal trainer in the fitness industry.

1. A Complete Transformation of Lifestyle

If you wish for a change in your clientelle base, and want to grow your business, you must be willing to live the life of a personal trainer. You must make choices to do things, day to day, in an excellent manner to create a healthy lifestyle.   Within this, it is necessary to include exercise in your daily routine along with getting a better diet and only embrace the food which is essential and healthy for your body.

As explicitly mentioned above these transformations should be executed on a slow basis, so your body will arrive in a position to adopt a massive change in lifestyle with a feeling of doing nothing.  This will shine through when approaching new clients for personal fitness work.

In short, you can say that while you implement changes slowly in your way of life, then the body becomes used to form changes and it offers you the superior results related to your health and fitness objective to sustain it for an extended period.  This will also be reflected in how long your clients stay with you as a trainer.  Your personal lifestyle is going to rub off on theirs.  Moreover, if you make tiny changes regularly within your daily lifestyle, then after some time it will convert in a noteworthy modification that will present remarkable results in a positive sense in your overall fitness, health and client base.

2. Supplement and Equipment for Fitness

The next most wonderful way to enhance your impact in the fitness market is to capture the entire benefit from the fitness supplements and equipment’s which is easily available in the market or online.  As a trainer, if you are looking to help your clients acquire great tools to use at home, this elliptical machine guide is an awesome one from Tree of Fitness.

Now let’s first talk about selecting fitness equipment.

If you have a target to improve your cardiovascular fitness, then choosing an exercise bike or a rowing machine is likely to be the most appropriate for you.
However, they both have same advantages and disadvantages. While you purchase your fitness equipment, then it means you can use it anytime you wish. On the other hand, your fitness equipment requires a lot of free space in your home. These equipment are very expensive, so you have to invest a lot of money on them
The drawback at a gym is that when it is full of fitness trainee’s, then normally you will have to wait for the fitness equipment to be free for you to train. Due to our busy schedule, we can’t give core attention towards our diet and exercise program.Due to this, our health and fitness level goes down. The attainment of fitness supplement will support your fitness program to build muscle or reducing weight. Supplements help to build muscles and also assist in melting down the unwarranted body fat from the body.This leads to a reduction in weight.

Checkout These Tips to Increase the Effect of your Marketing Efforts


3. Fitness Trainer

If you work out without the supervision of a fitness trainer, then it is a possibility that you will injure yourself or it will be difficult for you to achieve your fitness goals. Taking help from a professional fitness trainer would be the best way through which you can quickly boost your level of fitness. You have to describe your fitness objectives with the trainer who will design your workout program. A fitness trainer will help you to stay motivated and work out in the right manner. Whenever you are selecting a fitness trainer, you need to consider some things. You need to choose a trainer with a good training career.

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Marketing a Law Firm in 2017

Marketing a Law Firm in 2017


According to these lawyers one major challenge that new law firms face is establishing themselves in the industry and attracting clients to the firm. This is why one needs to enlist the expertise of a marketing expert who is able to carry out elaborate law firm marketing fast start so that the firm becomes firmly rooted and operational. The following are some of the ways that a marketing expert is able to help the law firm attain its goals within the marketing plan.

Marketing Your Law Firm. How to create better law firm marketing presentations for attorneys, lawyers and practices. from SailsCall on Vimeo.

One of the things that a marketing expert does is to come up with marketing strategies that will help the company scale to greater heights. The first strategy is ensuring the attorney has an elaborate network of people and this might include relatives, friends and business associates who are notified that one is running a practice. They need to be informed about the legal practice as well as how they can benefit from the services. To see more from Scott and Smith Click here.

The marketing expert also puts intro great consideration the use of mass media in promoting and publicizing the practice. They do this bearing in mind that editors from the local dailies are always in search for experts who can proffer advice or opinion on typical issues. Much like these professional Lynnwood Personal Injury Lawyers

 Looking for a Lawyer? Use:

Other means that are used in getting publicity is the use of press releases and other media kits. The press releases are sent to local newspapers through email. The kits include contacts for the practice and also for home. It should never come as a disappointment if the press release fails to break through the clutter because the editor will always save the contact information for future reference.

Since being in the legal field mostly involves specializing in one area, the marketing expert is able to do thorough research on the niche so as to identify the most appropriate people who will have an interest in the services of the company. The research entails looking in depth and finding out what the interests of the consumers are. This helps in identifying their needs so that the company can get to know what services the community needs most.


The best way to get in front of the target market is by writing articles to trade magazines that are related to the niche. Trade magazines always look out for good content from writers and the good thing is that they are always willing to include a byline, the name and also the contact information of the company. This is one strategy that may not produce immediate results but the frequency with which one write articles will ensure that the readers have the name of the law firm stick on their minds.

Other creative strategies that are included in the marketing plan is the embracing of corporate social responsibility where the attorney can offer free legal advice to charitable organizations. It can also be in the form of being part of the board members and this helps in elevating the profile of the practice quite significantly. This involvement does not only benefit the organization but the practice also gains great reputation.

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How to Effectively Market an Energy Gel

In recent times, energy gels have taken fitness nutrition to another level. This means that there is a huge possibility to create further niche for this product. If you are also thinking on same lines and planning to market an energy gel, these three tips will help you;

Don’t Forget to Research: Conduct a thorough research on your exiting and possible consumers and the markets where your product could be marketed. For example, based on the flavor, region and distribution channel energy gel can be marketed in superstores, medical stores, convenience stores and online stores.

Everything You Need To Know About Energy Gels

Highlight Your Benefits: What is your competitive advantage? Why people should buy your energy gel? Factors such as great value for money, more healthy, more nutritious may become perceived benefit for an energy gel. The more obvious you will make it, the more effectively it will sell.

Think Out Of Box: Not only try to attract the existing consumers, but also think about the possible consumers. For example energy gels are also helpful in recovery. Similarly not only professional athletes, amateur ones may also like to try your product. Think of all the possibilities.

Some of our favorite energy Gels Include:

Gatorade Gel Power

MicroLife Energy Gel

GU Energy Gel


Don’t forget, marketing is all about creating a habit. The more successfully you will help consumers coming out of their preliminary reservations, the more quickly they will relate to your product.

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Marketing an Acne miracle cream

What are Redox Signaling Molecules and How do we market to Teens with Acne?

RSMs are the establishment apparatuses that relates to cell makeup and furthermore it have been a subject of the logical review for a few years on how they battle skin break outs and cystic acne. They keep on providing a hotly debated issue of research in expert logical diaries, course books and several distributed articles.

Researchers have found a connection between wellbeing, maturing and the redox flagging atoms. Without an adequate supply of these mixes, after some time individuals can physically debilitate and turn out to be more defenseless to wellbeing challenges.

Every living cell utilize redox flagging particles like compound emissaries to help shield their wellbeing. These cell mixes create a consistent arrangement of location, repair and even substitution of harmed cells while at the same time ensuring sound ones.

Despite the fact that these flagging particles are made inside each living cell, after some time the oxidative anxiety brought on by common maturing, natural variables and even the low quality of a few sustenances we eat can diminish the volume of these atoms, which are significant to cell wellbeing.

Redox Signaling particles are critical where the body delivers its own supply in inside the phones. The main source is the Renu 28 cream for acne which is utilized to give two extremely consummate adjusted arrangements of the Redox Signaling particles. The arrangement of atoms is mindful in initiating cell reinforcements. Consider it turning on the change to a light. An entire house brimming with lights is of no utilization without the ability to light them up. Another arrangement of atoms is basic for cell correspondence, basic in the recuperating reaction.

The redox flagging particles are productively to battle skin break out in your body. It do this by enacting the counter oxidants in the body civility of the responsive atoms found in just a single source outer to the human body, that is in the ASEA Renu advanced fluid healthful supplement. These atoms are key to the regular recuperating procedure of the cells, the abating of the maturing procedure, and is likewise said altogether enhance mending execution.

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